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The Caribbean Sea

Before the development of the Imray-Iolaire chart series, navigation information for the Eastern Caribbean had been generally poor with chart coverage haphazard and no single authority providing complete coverage of harbors and anchorages suitable for cruisers. Most official charts are based on nineteenth century surveys and have too little updated information.
The Imray-Iolaire series meets the growing demand for a standardized series of charts for the Caribbean Sea. Weems & Plath is the exclusive North American distributor for these authoritative charts of this most popular cruising playground.
For this Caribbean series, Imray has enlisted the aid of the well known Donald Street Jr. who has spent over thirty years chartering, cruising and exploring in Iolaire, his 93 year old engineless wooden Yawl. He has taken his unique knowledge of the passages, harbors, and anchorages, from Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgins in the north to the Venezuelan coast in the south, and applied it to these charts. His cruising guides are the definitive text for cruisers in the area.
Imray-Iolaire charts are printed in color and published in two standard sizes, 640 x 900 cm (25" x 35.5") and 640 x 450 cm (25" x 17.75"). Extra information for the cruiser has been incorporated using official surveys, Street's own experience, and, in particular, notes and surveys regarding passages and anchorages, including details of facilities for voyagers. Each chart has large scale inserts of the various important harbors and anchorages.



1 Eastern Caribbean General Chart. 1:1,824,000
Plans: Monjes del Sur
A Lesser Antilles - Puerto Rico to Martinique. Passage Chart 1:930,000

A1 Puerto Rico. Passage Chart 1:285,000
Plans: San Juan, Bahia de Ponce, Puerto Arecibo, Bahia de Mayaguez
A11 Bahia de Guanica to Punta Borinquen. 1:116,700
Plans: Bahia de Mayaguez, Puerto Real, Bahia de Boqueron, Approaches to La Parguera
A12 Punta Figuras to Bahia de Guanica. 1:116,700
Plans: Arroyo, Bahia de Ponce, Bahia de Jobos, Bahia de Guanica, Bahia de Guayanilla, Isla Caja de Muertos, Punta Petrona
A13 Cabo San Juan to Culebra I and Punta Figuras. 1:116,700
Plans: Pasaje Medio Munda, Ensenada Honda, Palmas del Mar, Puerto Arroyo & Puerto Patillas
A131 Isla de Culebra. 1:33,500 Isla de Vieques. 1:44,500
Plans: Esperanza, Ensenada Honda
A14 San Juan to Isla de Vieques and Isla de Culebra. 1:116,700
Plans: Cayo Lobos, Marina Puerto Chico, Las Groabas, Isleta Marina, Isla Palominos, Bahia de San Juan, Puerto del Rey Marina
A141 Cabo San Juan to Ensenada Honda and Isla de Vieques. 1:40,000

A2 Puerto Rico to St Christopher. Passage Chart 1:416,000
Plan: Sombrero I
A23 Virgin Islands. 1:280,600 St Croix. 1:101,400
Plans: Christiansted, Port Alucroix & Limetree Bay, Frederiksted, Green Cay Marina
A231 Virgin Islands–St Thomas to Virgin Gorda. 1:88,300
Plans: Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, Roadtown Harbour, Sea Cow Bay & Nanny Cay Marina, Cruz Bay
A232 Virgin Islands–Tortola to Anegada. 1:87,550
Plans: Gorda Sound, South Sound, Roadtown Harbour and Approaches, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour
A233 Virgin Islands. A231 and A232 printed on a double sided sheet.
A234 Northeast Coast of St Croix. 1:27,700
Plans: Salt River Bay, Christiansted Harbour, Green Cay Marina

A24 Anguilla, St Martin and St Barthélémy. 1:100,000
Plans: Road Bay, Oyster Pond, Gustavia, Prickly Pear Cays, Crocus Bay, Shoal Bay and Island Harbour, Groot Baai, Simsonbaai, Anse de Marigot
A241 St Barthelemy. 1:33,800
Plan: Gustavia
A242 St Martin. 1:48,900
A25 St Eustatius, St Christopher, Montserrat and Nevis. 1:103,600
Plans: Saba I., (30,500) Montserrat I., (104,000) Fort Baai (Saba), Basseterre Bay (St Kitts), The Narrows, Plymouth (Montserrat), Oranjebaai (St Eustatius)
A26 Barbuda–Southwest Coast. 1:35,600
Plans: Gravenor Bay
A27 Antigua. 1:57,600
Plans: Nonsuch Bay, Mamora Bay, Falmouth and English Harbours
A271 North Coast of Antigua. 1:29,600
A28 Guadeloupe. 1:141,000
Plans: Pointe-ą-Pitre, Anse Deshaies, Gozier, Port Louis, St Franćois and Marina de la Gde Saline, Marine de Riviere Sens, Iles dela Petite Terre
A281 Guadeloupe–Les Saintes. 1:20,150; Marie Galante. 1:67,500
Plans: St Anne & Anse Accul, Le Moule, Petit Havre Sainte Marie, N approaches to Pointe-ą-Pitre, Grande Anse (Desirade) Grand-Bourg
A29 Dominica. 1:73,000
Plans: Prince Rupert Bay, Roseau Roads and Woodbridge Bay
A3 Anguilla to Dominica. Passage Chart 1:397,000

A30 Martinque. 1:92,000
Plans: Pointe du Bout, Rade de St Pierre, Cul-de-Sac Marin, Havre du Robert, Rade de Fort de France, Havre de la Trinite, Mouillage du Franćois
A301 Pointe du Diamant to Havre de la Trinite. 1:60,000
Plans: Pointe du Diamant to Havre de la Trinité
A4 Guadeloupe to St Lucia. Passage Chart 1:388,000
B Lesser Antilles–Martinique to Trinidad. Passage Chart 1:745,000
B1 St Lucia. 1:72,000
Plans: Port Castries, Grand Cul de Sac Bay, Marigot Harbour, Rodney Bay & Yacht Harbour, Laborie Bay, Vieux Fort Bay & Point Sable Bay
B2 Barbados. 1:56,900
Plans: Bridgetown, Speightstown
B3 The Grenadines–St Vincent to Grenada. 1:162,000
B30 St Vincent to Mustique. 1:73,000
Plans: Kingstown Bay, Calliaqua Bay and Blue Lagoon,  Admiralty Bay, W Coast of Mustique, Baliceaux and Battowia, Friendship Bay, Chateaubelair Bay
B31 Bequia to Carriacou. 1:91,200
Plans: Hillsborough Bay, Clifton Harbour, Charlestown Bay, Tobago Cays
B311 Middle Grenadines–Canouan to Carriacou. 1:25,000
B32 Carriacou to Grenada. 1:91,000
Plans: St George's Harbour (Grenada), Tyrell Bay (Carriacou), NE Pt of Grenada, Grenville Harbour (Grenada), SW coast of Grenada
B4 Tobago. 1:63,600
Plans: King's Bay, Scarborough, Man of War Bay, Tyrrel's Bay, Plymouth
B5 Tobago and Barbados. Passage Chart 1:510,700
B6 Grenada to Tobago and Trinidad. 1:378,000. Plans: Chaguaramus Bay.

D Venezuela –Gulf of Paria to Curaćao. Passage Chart. 1:1,021,000
D1 Port of Spain to Cabo Codera. Passage Chart 1:583,700
Plans: Port of Spain, Carenero
D11 Trinidad to Carupano. 1:240,700
Plans: Guira, Port of Spain, Carupano, Ensenada Cariaquita, Ensenada Yacua, Ensenada Pargo, Ensenada Mejillones, Playa Cacao, Ensenadas Patao & Uquirito, Macuro, Ensenada Uquire, Bahias Puerto Santos, Carupano
D12 Carupano to Cumana and Isla de Margarita. 1:173,000
Plans: Pampatar, Bahia de Mangle, Bahia Escondida, Punta de Piedras, Porlamar, Cumana, Laguna Grande del Obispo, El Saco (Isla Coche)
D13 Isla de Margarita to Carenero. 1:255,300
Plans: Carenero, Islas Piritu, Cumana
D131 Puerto Mochima to Bahia de Barcelona. 1:63,900
Plans: Americo Vespucio Marina & El Morro, Marina Club Nautico El Morro, Puerto la Cruz Marina, Bahias Bergantin, Guanta & Pertigalete, Puerto Mochima
D14 Islas los Testigos. 1:30,000 Isla la Tortuga. 1:60,000
Plans: Laguna el Carenero, La Blanquilla 1:60,000
D2 Cabo Cadera to Cabo San Roman. Passage Chart 1:583,700
Plans: Puerto Carenero, Puerto Cabello
D21 Carenero to Punta San Juan. 1:244,400
Plans: Puerto la Cruz, Puerto Cabello, Puerto Chichiriviche and Parque National Morrocoy, Bahia San Juan, Ensa de Corsarios, Higuerote, Puerto Carenero, Puerto Calera, Puerto la Guaira, Puerto Azul, Carabelleda YC & Marina Mar
D22 Isla los Roques. 1:89,700
Plans: Puerto el Roque, Eastern end of Carenero, Cayo de Agua Isla de Aves 1:65,900 Plans: Lighthouse Islands, Long Island, Round Island, Eastern end Barlovento
D23 Punta Aguide to Cabo San Roman and the A, B, C Islands.1:255,400
Plans: Puerto Cumarebo, Oranjestad
D231 Bonaire and Aruba. 1:75,000
Plans: Lac Baai, Kralendijk, Oranjestad
D232 Curaćao. 1:75,300
Plans: Willemstad & Schottegat, Piscaderabaai, Santa Marta Baai, Spaanse Water

E1 Arquipelago dos Azores. 1:759,000
Plans: Porto das Velas, Ponta Delgada, Praia da Vitoria, Vila do Porto, Vila da Praia, Sant Cruz, Horta
E2 Islas Canarias. 1:598,000
Plans: Pto de la Luz, Pto de los Marmoles and Pto de Naos, Pto de San Sebastian, Pto de Santa Cruz, Darsena Pesquera (S Cruz de Tenerife), Morro Jable, Pto de la Estaca
E3 Arquipelago da Madeira. 1:170,000
Plans: Pto Santo, Pto do Funchal
E4 Arquipelago de Cabo Verde. 1:510,000
Plans: Pto da Furna, Pto Grande, Pto de Sal-Rei, Pto Novo, Pto da Praia, Cavaleiras, Pto Velho, Baia da Palmeira
E5 Bermuda.