NC-2000 Navigation Computer Our new generation navigation computer is designed for professional mariners or open ocean yachtsmen. The NC-2000's large display and keys combined with easy to understand prompts provide a very user friendly navigation computer. The NC-2000 sets itself apart from other oversimplified navigation computers with features such as current, wind, and tide calculations along with the capability to graphically display lines of position.

Features: Built-in almanac for the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and 63 /stars valid for the years 1583 to 2100. Accuracy is better than 0.2' through the years 1900 to 2100. Sight planning. Passage planning by Mercator, Great Circle and Composite Sailing. Direction and speed of true wind. Finds the height of tide at standard AND secondary ports. Battery run time approximately 70 hours. NC-2000 Tamaya Navigation Computer




























Celestial Slide Rule The celestial slide rule will significantly reduce the effort and time for determining values used in celestial navigation. This quick and easy device is also a great complement to your navigation computer. The slide rule has GHL (Greenwich Hour Angle), LHA (Hour Angle), t (Meridian Angle), SHA (Sidereal Hour Angle) and observers meridian. When two or more of the values are known, the rest can be determined by a single alignment. Diameter: 7". Wt. 2 oz. 7543 Weems & Plath Celestial Slide Rule

Star Finder 2102-D This star finder graphically portrays the altitude and azimuth of the fifty-seven numbered stars in the Air and Nautical Almanacs. Additional celestial bodies may be plotted on the star base. Special diagrams permit rapid check of hour angle, and also provide means of finding the altitude and azimuth of unplotted bodies or the identification of unplotted bodies from known altitude and azimuth. Diameter: 8.5". Wt. 1 lb. 150 Weems & Plath Star Finder 2102-D