Navy One and Apache optics are extremely sharp and bright. By using high purity index lenses and prisms, aligned to perfection, the best possible image quality is achieved. Exclusive SPARC (Stimulated Penetration Anti-Reflection Coatings) optics eliminate internal glare and ghost images resulting in very high light transmission at night or in low light. The anti-corrosive, lightweight aluminum body will pass the military specification drop/shock test from 6 feet, and withstand a vibration test equal to 20 gravities of force. Extreme temperature resistance and waterproofing makes the Navy One and Apache perfect for marine use and other tough outdoor activities. All Navy One and Apache binoculars have a five-year limited factory warranty against defects, fogging, or leakage.





7x50 Navy One Binocular
This is the latest generation Navy One, with a new rubber armor exterior in handsome matte black finish. The new checkered grips offer a slip-proof, positive grip. They have the same military specification and waterproof performance as the original 7x50 BN1. Meets or exceeds U.S. Navy specifications, SPARC optics provide nearly 95% light transmission. Black rubber armored. Wt: 43 oz., Field of view: 389' at 1000 yards.
BN1A2    7x50 Navy One Binocular

7x50 Navy One Binocular
Same as item BN1A2, with two-tone gray rubber armor. BN1A1
7x50 Navy One Binocular



8x24 Navy One Binocular A super compact, military specification, waterproof, roof prism binocular. SPARC optics boost low light performance well beyond similar sized compact binoculars. Precise indexed click stop individual focusing. Wt: 12.5 oz., Field of view: 300' at 1000 yards.
BN4    8x24 Navy One Binocular






Swift Aerolite 737 -- 7x50 Binocular A smart economical version of Swift's classic naval binocular or "Night Glass." With an extremely wide 7.14mm exit pupil, this  glass gives credible performance even under questionable light conditions at dawn, dusk, or even in clouded moonlight. 3 lens Kellner ocular system and close focusing to 13 ft. make this binocular accurate and dependable. Weight: 38 oz., Length: 7", Field: 372'.         










Fujinon Posideon 7x50 MTR-SX Armored Binocular
The Fujinon MTR-SX is an armored top of the line binocular with time-tested quality features. The MTR-SX is fully rubber armored for impact and shock resistance and is completely waterproof, making it ideal for marine use. Wt: 48 oz., Length: 7", Field: 430'.
7107506 Fujinon Posideon 7x50 MTR-SX Armored Binocular


Swift Aerolite 781 Armored 7x50 Binocular Moisture resistant 7x50 wide angle binocular combines the convenience and ease of the center focus with the black rubber armor to increase its ruggedness. Requires no case because of its protective rubber armor - but comes with a neck strap. Weight: 32 oz., Length: 6.3", Field: 372'. 



Fujinon Nautilus 7x50 ARC-SX Armored Compass Binocular
The legendary Fujinon binocular with the integral bearing compass is rubber coated, 100% watertight and fully armored. This binocular is a superb marine glass. Compass is 360 degree liquid dampened. Rose marked in 1 degree graduations.
Wt: 48 oz., Length: 7", Field: 409'.

7107510 Fujinon Nautilus 7x50 ARC-SX Armored Compass Binocular
7106300 Fujinon Nautilus 6x30 AR-SX Armored Binocular



Fujinon Polaris 7x50 FMTRC-SX Armored Compass Binocular
The Fujinon F Series binoculars represent the ultimate in binocular performance. They deliver the brightest and sharpest color-correct images of any others on the market. Flat field images are achieved with the lowest distortion and astigmatism. The ultra-long (23mm) eye relief make these binoculars ideal for those who wear glasses. Wt: 55 oz., Length: 8", Field: 430'.
7107516 Fujinon Polaris 7x50 FMTRC-SX Armored Compass Binocular









Fujinon Air Drop Binocular
These 8x23 binoculars are virtually "G-Proof", they can endure a drop 2-1/2 times higher than required by U.S. Mil Spec and exceed the "waterproof" Mil Spec by 200%. Each binocular comes with a flotation strap and nylon, form fitting carrying pouch. When the going gets tough, you need AIR DROP binoculars.
7000823 Black Air Drop Binocular
7200923 Yellow Air Drop Binocular
7100823 Red Air Drop Binocular
7300323 Green Air Drop Binocular



The next generation of image stabilizing binocular.
Like the world's first internally stabilized binocular, Fujinon's Stabiscope, the Techno-Stabi utilizes a gimbaled frame with erecting prisms, but replaces a single, heavy, costly and power-hungry high-speed gyro motor with two advanced, direct-drive motors (much like those found in CD players and disk drives). With no waiting period for the gyro to get "up to speed," image stability is virtually instant and constant.
Each direct drive motor responds to its own piezo-vibration sensor and gyro position sensor, - one set of sensors for horizontal motion (AZIMUTH) and one for the vertical (ELEVATION). As the sensors detect any vibration or motion, the CPU processes the incoming signals and initiates the direct drive motor response required to make the necessary corrections. The result is smooth and seamless, allowing rapid scanning both horizontally and vertically, without lags. And the individual direct drive motors, operate only when needed, deliver greater operating efficiency reduced power consumption, and longer operating life.
Speaking of power, if you happen to have the Techno-Stabi powered up, but do not use it for one minute, it shuts itself off automatically.
Compared with the average 7 or 8 power binocular, the 14x40 Techno-Stabi is twice as powerful. That means you can spot and track subjects that are at least twice as far from you. Even farther because the images you see are so much sharper and steadier. You can observe longer because fatigue and eyestrain are reduced.
The same high 14x magnification means you can study subjects close-up, the kind of observations you'd expect only from high power, mounted scopes. You see more, you see farther, in greater detail - you can scan and pan to find and follow moving subjects. And you can do it all in practically any environment. And unlike so-called image stabilizing binoculars that only compensate for hand tremors - and can't go near the water - you can use the Tecno-Stabi anywhere. Wt. 48.9 oz. (with 4 AA batteries). Length: 7-1/4".
7511440 Fujinon Techno-Stabi Binocular

7680551 Polarizing Filter (gray)
7680553 Haze Filter (orange)