Emrick-Caribbean  Casual Furniture for the Tropical Environment                                             

Why it makes sense to deal with a specialist

Selection: we offer a broad selection of every type and style of casual furniture available at a full range of prices. Our manufacturers are known throughout the industry as producers of superior merchandise; they are proud to stand behind their product.

KNOWLEDGE: We're not designers: but we are product application specialists, trained by factories to know the features, benefits, and relative quality levels of each of our manufacturers.

Dealing with manufacturers is tricky business unless you know the people, their policies, and how they operate. We've been involved with manufacturers for over 36 years.

U.S. manufacturers shipping beyond their boundaries offers many difficulties; Julie is an expert in getting products shipped and delivered timely to anywhere in the world.





CUSTOMIZING: Select the color, style and fabric your prefer. You're not limited to what may be on a showroom floor. Everything is manufactured to your requirements: have it exactly the way you want it. Usually, we can even find discontinued styles and fabrics.

SERVICE: We take pride in our outstanding service; in fact, it's our biggest attribute. We value our customers, who usually become friends and depend on us to provide the best product for their budget for years. We also have skilled people who can maintain our outdoor furniture, replace straps, sling or cushions.

We are a licensed Virgin Island business, but do not advertise. Our sales-force is very reliable and honest, they are our customers. In our opinion, word of mouth advertising is the only way to know you're buying from a responsible company.

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ASSURANCE: We only sell what we can stand behind. Should a problem ever arise with our products, we make the phone calls for you. You'll never have to go through the madness of dealing with a factory to make good on a warranty, or a careless shipper.

PLEASANT EXPERIENCE: Shopping for an important purchase should be a pleasant experience. Take a leisurely ferry boat ride to our office; have a refreshing beverage while browsing through volumes of casual furniture catalogs and fabric samples. After selecting your custom furniture, reward yourself with a pleasant walk around our island, see the botanical gardens, or take a swim in the prettiest little beach in the Virgin Islands.

Pricing: Hotel, restaurants, retail outlets, beach concessions, designers, decorators, and property managers are entitled to factory-direct wholesale discounts.

TIMING: Decorate your place over years if you like; we'll be here, and you'll always have the benefit of wholesale pricing with any of our manufacturers, and our expertise.

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A quote from Julie Emrick:

"Casual furniture is an important investment that should enhance your property and deliver comfort, pleasure, and timeless good looks for many years."