Emrick-Caribbean - Sales Policy


Pricing and Quotations

Prices are not shown as options such as fabric choice, cushion types, and special finishes make it impossible to show everything on the web site. Please send the items you want priced out on the QUOTATION REQUEST FORM; fill out the form and click send. We will respond by telephone and confirm with fax or email.

Since we sell to many countries it is impossible to know what taxes, duties or other fees may be applicable. We do not charge taxes, or any other fees unless shown on the quotation or invoice. It is the purchaser's responsibility to pay additional fees charged by his or her government.


Limited terms to established wholesale accounts.
Payment in full by check or credit card to retail accounts.


We notify purchaser and their freight forwarder or trucking company when the manufacturer is shipping. Should the purchaser not have a preference in forwarders one will be selected. Emrick-Caribbean does not assume responsibility in the freight handlers' performance or lack of.

Care and Maintenance

Proper care and routine maintenance can extend the life of casual furniture for many years. Each manufacturer has its own recommendations on how to best preserve its products. We supply that information upon request.


All manufacturers warranty their products; however, there is no standard. Please request warranty information with quotations. Should a defective product be shipped we assist the purchaser in the return, replacement, or repair of the damaged item, but decisions about what action will be taken rests solely with manufacturer.