The Water Island Tattle Tale


Thanks to Mama Nature's rain, It's a Happy Flush Your Toilet Day!

Steve caught a fish today,  It wasn't very big.
When bored, Boogie Woggie dog hops like a rabbit.   

The unofficial island voice for absolutely nobody


It'll be about the same as always


It'll come in and go out again


Sunrise at dawn

Sunset at dark

Moonrise maybe

Moonset depends on the preceding

Water Island Ferryboat Schedule

Only Thirsty Bob knows and he's hiding from Preacher Dan








Five-year-old Tony spent the day contemplating the meaning of why.


A coconut fell from a tree and hit Thirsty Bob on his head. He didn't know it.



Water Island's Watching Grass-Growing Association has a meeting next month. Everyone is excited; be sure to attend.



Preacher Dan has a suspicion that more islanders than Thirsty Bob are tippling alcohol and asks that the practice stop immediately.





Water Island SPORTS

Pegleg Tom won Water Island's Tourist Panic-Attack Event when he came out of the water at Honeymoon Beach without his wooden leg on screaming SHARK, SHARK! Five tourist fainted, and the rest charged out of the water screaming.

Second place went to the only other entrant in the event, Blackskin Horace. He appeared on Honeymoon Beach wearing only his dreads and a black t-back, and carried a 36" machete. While drinking rum (really only water, Preacher Dan) from the bottle and chanting voodoo stuff, he was swinging the machete wildly.  He treed three persons but only half of the tourist from the barge vacated the premises.     





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Any Water Islanders with fresh news, please keep it to yourselves. I'm going fishing, and the company president, Thirsty Bob, is nowhere to be found, except for those who know he's hiding out at Heidi's rum still.